From 1988 to 1990

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Recording Studio

Music Machine was Set Up as a commercial recording studio setup within the home of John Purser, the sole proprietor and composer/recording engineer.

The studio composed and produced backing tracks to local touring ‘club’ singers and offered the creation of recorded albums for the vocalists/artists to offer for purchase at their venues/gigs.
the Studio was also up for hire to local bands and prospective Birmingham pop stars.

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Soundcraft 32 Channel Mixing Console

Equipment List


John Purser

A highly self-taught trained classical pianist and composer

John has worked with many top artists in his day as well as numerous BBC shows playing keyboards as a session musician.

Studio engineer, Pianist, Composer, Score writer and synthesiser programmer are only but a few of his skills and talents.

John also now not only offers a studio for hire but also video production and social media video production.

John Purser (Studio Proprietor)


John in the Studio

Simon Parkes & Music Machine

Simon Parkes joined Music Machine as a tape-op and tea maker, observing the day to day running of the studio until he became a co-engineer performing mix-downs and recording vocal sessions. during the down-time, Simon managed to squeeze in his own studio session time to learn and put down the odd demo.

Music Machine