Midihouse Studio

Birmingham Home Studio

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First Home studio

Midihouse Studio was Simon Parkes first semi-professional setup within his parents home based in Erdington, Birmingham.

Midihouse was based around Cubase on the famous Atari 520STE (1mb) and akai S950 12 Bit Sampler through an Alesis 1622 Monolithic 16 channel mixing console.

Midihouse Studio
Midihouse Studio

Midihouse Studio To Version Two Productions

During the creation of Midihouse Studio, Simon teamed up with best Friend, Andy Spencer to help push and promote his new demo tracks.

The colaboration became known as ‘Version Two’, named after the sequencer used at the time, Steinberg Cubase V.2.00 on the Atari.

Simon Was the Composer, Engineer and Studio Manager, while Andrew (DJ Andy spencer) focused on promotion to local radio and UK based Record Labels.

Demos were sent out to: London Records, Polydor, Capitol, East West, XL Recordings, Hooj Toons, Network, Champion and Arista.

Thanks to Andy’s persuasive negotiation skill we also got invited to several of those record labels to meet personally with their A&R guys.

Without a Deal that day, and pretty tired we were pointed in the direction of PWL (Pete Waterman LTD). where we finally got recogition!

DJ Andy Spencer
DJ Andy Spencer
Kevin and Tracy
Kevin Edwards & Tracy Riggan

R&B – Garage

It wasnt just Electronic Dance Music composed by Simon, he also tried his hand at Pop, Balads and R&B. all genres were on the list which got the attention of a local gospal outfit that consisted of singer Tracy Riggan , Producer, Kevin Edwards and Musician, Brian McCarthy.

Simon Parkes – R&B