SJP Tracks

The History

Before TDV

This page is a compilation of demo tracks put together while learning and creating with various electronic music kit either owned, borrowed or worked on.

With DJ Double Zero - V1

Pitch Warp - 80's - 00's

After TDV

Studio still packed away, post TDV and still messing with track ideas...

Frozen UK & DJ Rid Welson

Working together with DJ Rid Welson - Llanidloes

FrozenUK Collection

V2 Studio Clients

A small collection of V2 Studio clients when Tony and & hired out the studio BEFORE the success of Burning UP. Engineered by Simon Parkes.


Sample Collection SJP

Unknown Client 3

Unknown Client 2

Unknown Client 1

Funky 4

Paul Andrews 1

Matt Booker 1

Mark Jarman

Marco Joe 2

Marco Joe 1

James Kid - Feel For Me

Ian M - The Awakening

Ian M - Unknown

Graham Rick - Unknown

Carl Page - Let U Down